my sunshine

blu - my sunshine

“My Sunshine” is the first track off Blu‘s upcoming major label debut album “No York” featuring Nia Andrews, produced by Shafiq Husayn

Tracklist of  “No York”: 1 doin’ nothin (ft. u-god) 2 everything ok (ft. jack davey) 3 super dooper u 4 a bove crenshaw (ft. cashus king)
5 every body nose 6 SLNGBNGrs 7 ta g’s (ft. exile) 8 hours 9 annie hall 10 spring winter summer fall (ft. jimetta rose) 11 down to earth (ft. the donel smokes x dubble o x definite) 12 my sunshin e 13 ronald morgan (ft. edaaaan) 14 jazmine 15 and the jazzmen 16 keep ush inn 17 doin something
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