tema do canibal

BK-One – Tema Do Canibal EP

BK-One‘s new EP “Tema Do Canibal” features a BK-One video edit and remixes & arrangements from producer Exile, DJ Nuts along with Brazilian legend & Tamba inventor Helcio Milito; arranger Arthur Verocai; Twin Cities DJ, Mike 2600; remix/re-edit by Tom Noble and a special vocal appearance by MF Doom. Release date is August 30th

Tracklist: 1. Video Edit (BK-One) 2. Mind The Gap Remix (Exile feat. MF Doom) 3. Tamba Remix (DJ Nuts) 4. Tema Do Canibal II (Arthur Verocai) 5. Journey Into Sound Remix (Mike 2600) 6. Disco Ginga Remix

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