raw medicine

Madlib Medicine Show #12: Raw Medicine

Stones Throw released two tracks off Madlib‘s remix album “Madlib Medicine Show #12: Raw Medicine”. Inspectah Deck & Raekwon verses are from two different original tracks – one by 7L & Esoteric, the other from Big Pun. The album will be out next week, September 27th.

[haiku url=”http://rappcats.com/xxx/madlib_remix_deck_rae.mp3″ title=”Inspectah Deck & Raekwon (Madlib Remix)”]

Inspectah Deck & Raekwon (Madlib Remix)

[haiku url=”http://rappcats.com/xxx/madlib_remix_az.mp3″ title=”AZ – Never Change (Madlib Remix)”]

AZ – Never Change (Madlib Remix)

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