havana cultura: the search continues

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura: The Search Continues

Three years have passed since Gilles Peterson initial exploration of the Cuban underground uncovered Havana’s fertile – and fiercely independent – hip-hop culture: nodded to the riotous thump ‘n’ grind of Cuba’s homegrown reggaeton movement and highlighted a clique of artists innovating in the spaces between jazz, soul, traditional Cuban rhythms and hip-hop. Peterson’s excursion under the skin of the Cuban underground in 2011 underlines the same spirit of experimentation on CD02 and raises a clutch of new talent (including Djoyvan, Afrikun, Kola Loka and the Creole Choir of Cuba) from local notoriety to worldwide exposure, showcasing new collaborations and exclusive tracks from Danay Suarez, Edgaro “El Productor en Jefe” and El Tipo Este.

The album is now available for pre-order from Brownswood, Amazon and iTunes. Free download on Havana Cultura website.

Support: Havana Cultura // Brownswod Recordings // Facebook


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