pre-alignment vol. 1

Shafiq Husayn - Pre-Alignment Vol. 1

Shafiq Husayn returns with new music. In preparation for his upcoming album “The L∞P” the follow-up to his movement-defining “Shafiq En’ A Free Ka”. Volume 1: Beatstrumentals & Dialog is ready for straming below and for freeloading via Fresh Selects.

01. The Boarding
02. Again (get up get it)
03. The Process
04. Mercury In Retrograde
05. Posture 29
06. The Wheel – Alignment 1a
07. Always Love You
08. This Day
09. Staring You (The Dove Society feat. Breezy Lovejoy & J Mitchell)
10. Stay Tuned (Skit )
11. Pablo (feat. Krondon)
12. See The Prophet Coming
13. Spotlight
14. Uhhhh
15. Alignment 2
16. Floatation
17. Back At It (Shafiq freestyle)
18. A Kiss In French
19. Rebel Soldier (feat. D Prosper)

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