beach diggin’ vol. 2


Guts and Mambo continue their sunny and musical adventures with a second volume of “Beach Diggin’“. Expect more lazy and mellow grooves from the two fellas. Double LP gatefold  out for the Record Store Day on April 19th and CD and Digital on April 28th, order direct via Heavenly Sweetness.

1. Mavis John – Use My Body
2. Althea Forest & Togetherness – Hey Mister
3. Enrico Intra & Ezio Leoni – Parole Parole
4. Celeste – Amor A Três
5. Lee Alfred – Rockin-Poppin Full Tilting
6. Ruriko Ohgami – Unknown
7. Hamilton Brothers – Music Makes The World Go ‘Round
8. Bajy & Electrical Haitian Orchestra – Fou De Toi
9. Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
10. Linton Haughton – East Of Handsworth
11. Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo
12. The Ian Langley Group – Amazon Trail
13. Michael Boothman – What You Won’t Do For Love
14. Tony Gregory – I’m Gonna Break You Down
15. Osmar Milito – Mulher Rendeira
16. Mushi & Lakansyel – Kalalou
17. Marsha Wilson – Love Is Gonna Get You

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