forgotten songs vol. two


Adam Scrimshire just released the second volume of his “in between” series. ‘Forgotten Songs’ features six unheard songs. ‘Saltwater’ featuring Matthew Halsall was written and recorded just a few short weeks after his first album ‘Along Came The Devil One Night​‘ in 2009. ‘Driftwood’, is an acoustic guitar track, he played it while recording ‘The Hollow‘. Modified Man, Fuselage, 7th Tide, A Place For Everything – all experiments.

“… but I myself have been fairly unsettled since then and don’t know what the next album step for me is if, in fact, there should be one at all. These were slated for a new and different project, but, I decided to clear the cupboards and get rid of everything, so here they are. Last time I kind of just pulled them together and put them out, this time I’ve tried to build something a little more cohesive for you – hopefully you can enjoy this while I decide what to do next!”

Download the EP for free or give a little contribution on bandcamp Volume One is also still available.

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