gogo penguin | man made object


After their ‘v2.0’ Mercury Prize shortlisted album, the UK trio GoGo Penguin, signed with iconic jazz label Blue Note Records and are set to release their label debut ‘Man Made Object’ in early 2016.  The trio consisting of drummer Rob Turner, double bassist Nick Blacka and pianist Chris Illingworth is deeply influenced of music by John Cage, Massive Attack, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin, they’ve created their own new kind of sound.

“The title is partly inspired by my fascination with ideas of robotics, transhumanism and human augmentation, … We’re recreating electronic music on acoustic instruments. It’s like a man-made object that has become humanized and it seemed like a good album title, one that also means something different to each of us, and hopefully to each listener.” – Illingworth

Out 5th February 2016 on Blue Note Records, available for pre-order at iTunes.


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