Emze | Meditation​(​s)

Emze’s meditation(s) is a collection of songs that make introspection and the search for inner peace a positively vibe-y expedition. The seven-track EP is effortlessly uplifting on the surface, but also allows entry into a deeper meditative state, one that opens up the possibility for an honest conversation with ourselves. By design, meditation(s) guides us through a cycle of feeling, conversing, and processing. Maybe because it’s often hard to initiate a productive conversation within ourselves that leads to closure, Emze has gifted us with this beautiful, relaxing EP to help. Our world craves more peace and self-love. With meditation(s), Emze brings us a step closer to both.

Emze crafts easy-going, beautifully melodic songs that feel like a spa day for your soul. Bathed in airy guitar-riffs and natural ambience, many songs resemble cloud-like flotation devices you can use to rise above life’s mental hardships, before dissecting and processing them from a comfortable bird’s eye view. In this way, music has always been powerfully therapeutic for Emze. It’s only natural his music would bring the same peace and comfort to others.


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