unthugged 3D

Dan Greenpeace & DJ Yoda - Unthugged 3D

Super slick turntablists DJ Yoda and Dan Greenpeace have joined forces once again to unleash their latest back to back behemoth, “Unthugged 3D”. Dropping beats in Euclidean Space, the deck destroying duo have taken it back to the old school, cutting, pasting and scratching with tongues firmly in cheek. “Unthugged 3D” is packed full of bullets as both Yoda and Greenpeace plunder their musical toy boxes. Kicking off with shoutouts from Karl Pilkington, the Big Dog himself, Westwood and Chuck D. From Latino piano loops and Johnny Cash to Meow Mix and talking dogs, their step into the third dimension has pushed the boundaries further than ever. With reassuring touches and classic samples from the likes of Otis Redding, the Cold Crush Brothers Vs Fantastic 5 and more, there are heavyweight retoolings of Run DMC, Frank Sinatra and even Guys and Dolls. Get the mix now.

Support: Dan Greenpeace | DJ Yoda


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