distant oceans


Ross McHenry’s debut album “Distant Oceans” brings together six of the worlds foremost musical innovators for the first time on record. The ensemble features one of the most exciting and in demand producers and keyboardists in the world today, Mark de Clive Lowe, the rhythmic foundation of renowned NZ ensemble Electric Wire Hustle, Myele Manzanza, multi-instrumentalist and composer Adam Page and leading Australian instrumentalists Dylan Marshall, Jon Hunt and Luca Spiler.

With a focus on new improvised music inspired by the LA beat scene and the worldwide new jazz movement, this highly original album traverses unique sonic landscapes reimagining the modal jazz movement through the lens of contemporary music production. Imagine John Coltrane meeting the Brainfeeder collective and you’re somewhere close to the sound of Distant Oceans. Get the album on Kudos or Amazon.

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