the love you’re given


London based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist Jack Garratt shared his new single “The Love You’re Given”. Released 28 November 2014 on Island Records UK, available on iTunes.

Everything you hear on these recordings is played by the young Londoner, which is replicated live with the frenzied, bass-heavy sound of an act far bigger in size and scale. The propulsive, motorik beat that drives through the tail-end of The Love You’ve Given suggests Jack’s music could find its niche in clubs, but such is the multi-layered craftsmanship of his songwriting, the dexterity of his vocal delivery, and the fevered, unorthodox guitar-playing, that perhaps nowhere should be off limits for this distinctively broad-minded young musician. The sample heard is the voice of Lisa Fischer, lifted from the film 20 Feet From Freedom. (via Island Records)

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