Reginald Omas Mamode IV | Where We Going?


New Reginald Omas Mamode IV album “Where We Going?” is coming May 10th on Bandcamp.
“Where We Going?” was partly recorded on a journey to the Mascarene Islands in search of family roots. ‘he album is reflective of the search for this lineage, which branches from ancient Mauritian Maroons – whose rich heritage, music and culture includes an unrecognised, undocumented resistance to colonialism – though Swahili and Malagasy to sugarcane plantation Creole slave descendants. Influenced by golden era hip-hop, jazz, soul, Afro, funk, Sega and Maloya, and music from Africa, the Caribbean, South London and US; it is in part an attempt to evoke feelings of universal love and compassion. Mamode recorded the album using various drums and drum machines, percussion instruments, Fender Rhodes, and Roland and Korg synthesizers.



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