Bokoya | Introducing

Bokoya – is a Jazz/Hip Hop band. The four musicians play together as if they grew up inside a drum machine. They improvise, shape, and develop beats in the electric field of repetition and variation. Once a groove starts to vibe and people nod their heads, the audience is invited to become part of a unique improvisation. Their first drop “Introducing: Bokoya“ is a call to the jazz and instrumental beat scene. Here they organically combine influences of instrumental beat producers and Hip Hop with the character of a breathing jazz quartet. At the core of each track lies an excerpt from a live session further produced collectively. The results are songs wandering between composition and mixtape. As a live band Bokoya created a strong and original concept of composing on the spot, performing unheard songs on the stage. Between disciplined funk patterns, a haunting solo might appear, leading the way into a beautiful ambient soundscape.


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