Bastien Keb | The Killing of Eugene Peeps

Bastien Keb presents his third album, ‘The Killing of Eugene Peeps’, an ode to Giallo, 70s crime flicks, and French new wave cinema. Befit with downbeat anti-ballads, psychedelic folk, and warped soliloquies, the music is an imagined score to a film that exists only in Keb’s mind. The album was conceived, composed, performed, and produced by Bastien Keb in his bedroom. The music flows between spoken word narrative pulled from Keb’s own journals, hauntingly layered vocals that conjure up dreamscapes and nostalgia, and rich, orchestral arrangements which were in fact all recorded via one singular microphone. Various contributions from longtime collaborators include Nottingham-based rapper Cappo, narrator Kenneth Viota, and album artwork by artist Will Morrison, who has worked with Bastien Keb for several years. The record was mixed by Keb and Goetz Botzenhardt, who specialises in TV and film music and has mixed music for Madonna, Doctor Who, the award-winning film Under The Skin, Björk, and Pet Shop Boys.


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