Wyl & Wun Two | We Talk Tomorrow

Five consecutive days of studio sessions with Wun Two (SP404) and Leon Mache (Bass, Synth), Leon Raum (Drums, Percussion) and Marco Zügner (Rhodes, Saxophone) aka producer trio WYL, led to a timeless album filled with soul, jazz and latin influences. For the very first time, Wun Two did not make the beats on his own or as a collab. Instead, he asked to evolve the beat with their instruments, using his carefully selected samples in long term sessions. WYL later edited and re-arranged the music. As teased in their „Private Love Joy“ (EP) in 2019, WYL and Wun Two took this new concept of beatmaking to a new level and recorded completely analog. Additional musical support was contributed by Lukas Wilmsmeyer (Electric Guitar) and Ferdinand Schwarz (Trumpet).


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