Yussef Dayes | Welcome to the Hills

Yussef Dayes has released new live album ‘Welcome To The Hills’. The jazz percussionist duelled with Tom Misch on a full length studio project earlier this year, a superb album that ranks as one of 2020’s best. Ending the year on a high, Yussef Dayes has shared a full live album, recorded in Copenhagen last year. Uniting with long-time collaborators Rocco Palladino and Charlie Stacey, ‘Welcome To The Hills’ documents the final show the three played together before the pandemic.

“There was something special about this performance… The raw energy, focus, determination & freedom to take our music to the next level. It feels more right than ever to release this live recording, as there have been no shows this year… So we want to give you, the listener, the chance to participate and enter the Yussef Dayes trio live experience. These songs are the spirituals I swam against the waves with.”



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