JAB | Currents

Currents is JAB’s latests contribution as he creates and arranges a perfect synergy of heavy percussion and epic strings for the worlds movers & shakers to get lost in, meditate with and move within. Orchestrated with the emotional journey the world was experiencing throughout 2020 in mind, Currents does the focused and joy- stirring work of calling us back into ourselves during a time we may need it most.
Having spent most of 2019 on tour, the inspiration for this new project was borne from a conversation with a dancer about the connection between vibrations and movement. Coupled with the undeniable impact of a global pandemic and with racial injustice taking centre stage, JAB shifted the focus of his compositions from complex rhythms to displaying raw emotion, tapping into the shared inescapable rollercoaster experience of life in lockdown. With a deep desire to create a sound that defies expectations of “dance floor” club music.


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