Twit One | Objets Trouvés

„Objets Trouvés“ is Twit One’s third solo album on Melting Pot Music. If we count in his projects with Hulk Hodn (as Testiculo Y Uno), Summers Sons (as Syrup), Lazy Jones (as Flatpocket), Count Bass D and Fleur Earth, we are looking at 10+ LPs (LP stands for longplayer and we emphasize on this because we release every Twit One album on vinyl).

In 2009 Twit One started the beatmaker game in Germany together with his good friend Hulk Hodn. Twit was lo-fi a decade before instrumental Hip-Hop became coffee shop music (ask Wun Two or FloFilz) even though he would never use this term to describe his music. Backed by a team of guests – ranging from London MC/Singer Reginald Omas Mamode IV to Kurt Wagner from US alternative rock icons Lambchop.



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