Phil Stroud | Untitled

Fresh from Perth’s most prolific percussion den, we’re proud to introduce GCR006: The keenly-awaited debut LP from local rhythm magician Phil Stroud. Presented in an absorbing listening arc and captured with crystal clarity, this self-titled slow burner is an artful and meditative journey, filled out with straight-up danceable joy.

In just over an hour, Stroud leads a pilgrimage through intricate landscapes of percussive beauty. There’s the restrained, hypnotic approach of Ritual and Tribe in amongst organic house workouts with rich orchestrations. Nimble vocal motifs and shimmering flutes ride the hefty grooves of The Birds, Scintillating and Outside as field recordings surprise and delight. Fix a glass of punch in time for the smooth, melodic neo-exotica of Flow. And as the physical plane fades away, lose yourself in the shimmering ambience of Middle East, a mellow final act recalling the more mystic moods of Alice Coltrane. – Lyndon Blue


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