Culross Close | Pressure

“Pressure” is the third album by Culross Close. “The album opens with the sound of PRESSURE! a world where synths blend with keys and the visceral expressions of city life. Things then move from minimalist expressions to beat-driven fusion. With searing string and trumpet arrangement courtesy of Yelfris Valdes, To Belong straddles beat-driven fusion and jazz with mastery. Misguided takes things up a notch, with breakneck rhythms and an enchanting melody. The mood changes on Tipping Point, with the quintet heading into psychedelic territory. Convictions is a sombre piece, laced with keys and heartfelt intentions. Shifts is both delicate and challenging, stirring and settling. The Will To Change is a solo piano piece and the album’s closer, The Will To Change (I,II) showcases Culross Close at their best: playful, considered and able to hold a groove.”


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