Park Jiha | The Gleam

The luminous 3rd album from the acclaimed Korean multi-instrumentalist and composer. A gorgeous meditation on the intersection of music and light.

The inspiration for this album originates from the concept of light – in its different forms, and in the way in which it interacts with us throughout the different parts of the day. It takes a certain focus to appreciate the textures and emotions light can bring. A faint gleam of light piercing through the darkness, evokes a signal ready to be awoken in ‘At Dawn’. Changing environments and feelings are expressed throughout the album, conjuring atmospheres from the crack of dawn to nightfall.

Part of ‘The Gleam’ project was conceived for a special performance in the Meditation Hall created by Ando Tadao at Museum San in Wonju, Korea. Light is an integral part of the architecture of this space. Whilst feelings are instantly captured, the constant movements within, allow us the sensations of observing the unreachable. For the meditative performance we had there, sound was a way to carry the light further giving it a sensation of being expressed aurally. This resulted in the realisation of the final track of this album, ‘Temporary Inertia’. Light is in a constant race towards time. Repetitive, yet constant, it only leaves temporary feelings behind. This being exactly what I want to picture for my own music. – Park Jiha 


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