Sun Araw | On Patrol

Sun Araw from Los Angeles, originally released “On Patrol” . A double album in two parts, and the fourth full length album from Sun Araw. An album for heavy-steamin’ late nights in the city, inter-dimensional back alleys, ghost cabs; it creeps and tunes in on a much darker, sparser, and more classically minded channel than its predecessors: dark and deep steam-vent ruminations on Phil Cohran, lenticular objects, and fried Hot 92.3 R&B slow-jams. A cold bug makes a real ‘live wire.

“The practice is investigation into the nature of experience by the transformative power of observation. The goal has always been the creation of a psychedelic music, by which is meant a psychotropic music: not an aesthetic sensibility but a method of discontinuous experience.”


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