L E F | Antidote

Upcoming South-African producer L E F releases his first EP on Melting Pot Music. Hailing from Johannesburg, L E F is bringing a new vibe to the beat scene. “Music should be a reflection of one’s experience” – and this is exactly what he does on his upcoming 7-track-EP.

“Music should be a reflection of one’s experience. ‘Antidote’ is a sort of 80’s inspired EP that attempts to guide the listener on a journey of healing/recovery through the speedy but sweet playthrough produced. When you think of the term ‘antidote’ what usually comes to mind is some form of pill, injection or administration process that is fast-acting and that neutralizes a virus/disease with immediate effect, usually from an otherwise fatal outcome. Similarly, this EP was created as a sort of quick go-to for any listener that wants to get out of the rustle and bustle of a stressful life and enjoy a moment or two of relaxation and healing. To coincide with the album direction, I have chosen a variety of words and terminology that are common to the pharmaceutical/medical and scientific industry.” – L E F


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