Pacific Yew | Son Of Rene

Oakland, California artist Pacific Yew released a new vocalised project titled Son Of Rene back in january. Follow up his recent lo-fi instrumental projects like (​(​(​( T r e e s )​)​)​) (2017) and (​(​(​( Maidenhair )​)​)​) (2019).

“His often minimalistic production over 15 tracks makes for a perfect soundscape for him to rap effortlessly over, as his presence on the mic as well as his ability to flow seamlessly throughout makes for an interesting listen. The subtle groove of “Worn” is fantastic, with guitar leads that add a warm texture to the track, with his confident demeanor sounding fantastic throughout. “Thrown” is similar in its tone and energy, while more soulful moments such as “Soul” and “Timers (outro)” are gorgeous and soothing, capturing Pacific Yew’s versatility not only as a producer but as a vocalist.” – insearchofmedia



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