Jan Schulte | Tropical Drums Of Deutschland

Back in 2017 Schulte has pulled together a collection of ‘tropical drum’ music made in and around Germany and says the compilation stems from a “general fascination for music that describes places where the artists have never been.” Much of the music on ‘Tropical Drums Of Deutschland’ came out on small imprints in the late ’80s.

Music For Dreams says that while the two-disc collection may be based in musical traditions from foreign lands, the album deals much more with introspection than exploitation. Schulte has also made a couple of exclusive edits for ‘Tropical Drums Of Deutschland’.

The compilation follows a couple of collaborative EPs from Schulte late last year. Themes From Great Cities put out ‘Kabuki’ from Young Wolf, Schulte’s team-up with Young Marco. He also worked with DJ Normal on an upcoming Aiwo rec. 12-inch, ‘The 5 Elements – Water & Air’, as Bufiman.


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