Sarathy Korwar | KAL (Real World)

“4/5th August 2020: This was the first time we met and played together with other human beings in the same room in almost a year. It was a hopeful time where for a brief period we believed things were getting better. There was a lot of fondness, camaraderie and kindness in the room and playing together felt like a cathartic expression. KAL (Real World) was recorded in less than 24 hours at the incredible Real World studios. For many of us, it was our first time there and just being present in those rooms, which had borne witness to so many great recordings, elevated our senses.

The only written music I had when I came into this session was the KALAK symbol. We talked in detail about the workings of the KALAK rhythm and my intention was to imprint this knowledge in the back of everyone’s head so it played out subliminally during our recordings. Apart from this, the session was fully improvised. The songs on this album are excerpts from this recording time.

These songs also laid the foundation for my album, KALAK, as almost all the songs on KALAK were built from these recordings. Keen ears will be able to spot quite a few sounds that appear on both albums.” – Sarathy Korwar


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