Bokoya & Gianni Brezzo | Minari

Experimental hip-hop/jazz quartet Bokoya team up with Cologne-based producer/guitarist Gianni Brezzo (Jakarta Records) for collabo album ‘Minari’ on Melting Pot Music.

Bokoya describe themselves as a four-headed human drum machine that play impro-vised beat music. You can call it jazz if you like (all four members are graduated jazz musicians btw) but be ready to stumble over some Dilla, Kraut Rock, Ambient or Dub in the mix. We recommend their double-album ‘Hausensession’ (Melting Pot Music, 2022) as a reference point. Gianni Brezzo’s music is a bit easier to access but not less leftfield. Jazz is a major influ-ence, but it goes way further. On his album ‘Tutto Grosso’ (Jakarta, 2022), Brezzo rides a sonic wave similar to Matthew Halsall, Surprise Chef, El Michels Affair and BADBADNOTGOOD.

The recording sessions took place at the Gottesweg Studios in Cologne where Bokoya and Gianni Brezzo jammed for three days and nights based on some basic sketches and beats. The sessions were edited and arranged after by Bokoya and Brezzo but no overdubs added. Minari, also known as “water parsley”, is a fragrant vegetable plant that is used exten-sively in Korean cooking. It is known for its somewhat bitter and peppery flavor. It can be found in kimchi, spicy fish soups, stews or paired with pork belly.


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