Myele Manzanza | Focus

This recording came together as an offset from the Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 3 – Unfold creative development phase. For 4 days in early 2021, Lewis Moody, Benjamin Muralt and I bunkered down in a tiny studio near Finsbury Park, tracking some of the pre-planned ideas (The final productions of Gone Up In Flames, Child & Falling Fast for example) as well as having some open improvised jams with the hope of generating some fresh material (Wasted Time & Drumbella were some of the by-products of these improvisations). There was maybe 5 hours’ worth of raw recorded material that for various reasons didn’t make the cut for the album, however, there was a golden 25-minute run that at the time we all came away from thinking ‘holy shit’. I recall Benjamin saying after the performance concluded that ‘this is the kind of music I’ve always wanted to make’ and I was in accord that we had gotten one of those all too rare musical moments where nothing was planned but we collectively fell into the ‘zone’ and made something greater than the sum of its parts.

As the Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 3 – Unfold gradually developed though, there wasn’t really a natural place for this music to fit into it and in the back of my mind I felt that having to cut and edit it down would spoil the magic of the moment. So it stayed sitting in a hard drive, to be more or less forgotten.


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