E. Lundquist | Art Between Minds

While Eric Lundquist song “Multiple Images” only dropped last year, he’s is already back with another ample helping of his hallucinogenic sonics. The project is titled “Art Between Minds” and it finds him utilizing a bevy of vintage gear to replicate that warm glow of ’70s jazz-funk. From the Fender Rhodes MKI to the ARP Odyssey, to the Mellotron, the keys and synths E employs on these tracks display a genuine appreciation for the groove-driven music of The Me Decade.

The album plays like the score to a cult classic B-movie. For example, the sun-drenched haze of “Soliloquy” could easily be what you hear during the calm before the storm in a Blaxploitation flick. And the laidback crawl of “Euphoria” seems ripped right out of a fuzzy ‘70s blue movie. Having said all that, there is a certain sophistication here. Like the way the horn section, slinky guitar, and trippy synths combine on “Escape” to sound like liquid one moment and like a summer breeze the next.

While E. Lundquist’s artistry will eventually take him to new plateaus of sound, where he is right now is undoubtedly a high watermark in his career. He has become a torchbearer for jazz-funk in a new era, updating the sub-genre with his delicate balance of digital and analog elements.


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