Tyler Daley | Son Of Zeus

Tyler Daley is the acclaimed and highly renowned Manchester artist now surging into his autonomy with his debut solo EP ‘Son of Zeus’.

With humble beginnings in Manchester’s scene, Daley’s influence merges a nostalgic love for pirate radio with a mix of musical inspirations journeying through roots reggae, street soul and R&B whilst modernising his sound through his love for hip hop and UK rave music. With an impressive roster of collaborations including notable features like Ghetts, Goldie, Shy FX and Bugzy Malone to name a few, his unique artistry plays on his pioneering stature and longevity in the game. Leaning on this wisdom to create a fresh, uncompromising sound, Daley has combined his knowledge with his cutting-edge aptitude for music in his new EP.

Paying homage to the multitude of success he’s seen through his eclectic journey as one half of the universally loved Children of Zeus, Tyler Daley’s new EP fuses his signature sound with a clear personalisation that offers a raw and transparent depiction of his artistry and musical prowess.


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